Thursday, March 19, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015 was the beginning of our new journey

A friend said Tuesday was "Day 1" because of Victoria's surgery.  I realized it was not.  Day One was actually Valentine's Day, just over a month ago.

February 14th, 2015:
Our "new" kitchen had been complete enough for us to move back into.  Yay!  Living for two and a half months out of the guest house with the tiny kitchenette was getting to me.  Yes, it was a blessing to have the guest house, and I am very appreciative to have it, but a completely remodeled kitchen in the main house was just heaven!

Moving Day!!

I noticed Victoria's belly that day and told her to lay off the potato chips.  She was offended (rightly so, as it turns out) and insisted that she wasn't eating as poorly as I had accused.   By Tuesday, she went to work out and she told me later that she felt uncomfortable and thought maybe something was up.  Two days later, on Thursday, February 19th, she looked 7 months pregnant!  She showed me how hard her upper belly was and told me it was hurting.  Her pediatrician was out of town, but I made an appointment with him for Tuesday.  That night the discomfort was worse so I took her to ER at Banner Gateway.  They weighed her in kg, and she didn't do the mental math, so she didn't think about her actual weight.  They took an x-ray of her upper abdomen (I didn't know it was only her upper abdomen) and took several blood tests.  She wasn't pregnant, her enzymes were normal, and the x-ray was negative for blockages or distensions.  The Dr. said it could be her gall bladder since that was the area of the most distension, but it was probably indigestion.  He sent her home with a script for an antacid.  Due to her chronic illness, it was a possibility but still didn't seem likely to me.  Over the week end the situation continued to get worse.  She was having a lot of difficulty sitting up and the pain/pressure was increasing.  We had a Synchro meet that week end, and Victoria was having difficulty sitting to judge all day.  By Monday she looked about 8 months pregnant.  A friend of mine said,  "Babies don't grow that fast!" when I told her what was going on.  Thankfully, I had kept the appointment I had set with her pediatrician for Tuesday morning.

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