Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cousin B with his mom at V's Bday party. Posted by Hello
O.K., I'm back....
It's been a nutty two months. April was absolutely crazy. First, all the babies of the family were baptized on the 2nd and the party was at our house. It was a beautiful mass, and the party was great. A good time was had by all :) I don't remember how late it was before everybody finally went home. Then, since dh and I are on the Baptism Ministry team we had to attend a meeting the following Sat. evening. It was very productive, and we built on several ideas that had been discussed at the previous meeting.

V.'s birthday is also in April and that was a huge production, again. She had a classmate who had a slumber party the night before so all the girls were exhausted even before V's party. Not too many didn't show. The boys also had a party Friday evening so the entire second grade was bouncing off the walls with the excitement of three parties in two days. Of course the theme was Hawaiian this year, in honor of Lilo and Stitch. After the school kids went home, we did a "family" party for her. We catered from a Hawaiian BBQ place and I grilled teriaki-pineapple salmon. Yum, it really turned out well. The evening was also for cousin B who shipped out to Iraq the following Wednesday. I really didn't want it to be a big deal "Good Bye" thing, I just wanted him to have a nice time with his family before he left. I've included his picture below. I'm still not good at this Hello thing, so I still don't know how to publish it to the body of the post. Oh, well, I'll figure it out eventually.